Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Eaglecam2 is preparing to launch!

Bloggers prepare yourself. We plan to release the link to our new cam soon. I will keep you posted and look forward to all of your questions and comments. Cross your fingers for us.
All the Best,
Patrick Keenan
BioDiversity Research Institute


  1. Wow. Checked this new site early this morning (still dark outside) and whatever lens you have on the camera makes it appear as though its daylight at the nest. Nice surprise to be able to see in the darkness. Thank you.

  2. Feb. 4 @3:55pm

    Great new EagleCams! Just tuned in and heard bird calls. You all are great. Since it's the beginning of a new year, I'll be making a donation. Thanks, BRI.

  3. Great shots, can't wait to see some eggs with the overhead cam. Very exciting, great work.
    Looking forward to a good viewing season.

  4. Live EagleCam seems to be down. Still shots don't show any signs of the eagles today.

  5. 2/11/09
    Eagle sitting on limb, near the Second eagles nest. This is exciting, being able to watch two different nests this year.
    Thanks to BRI team

  6. Eagle still on limb! ! Hopefully we will be able to see the eaglets this summer from the overhead cam, pretty exciting.

  7. I've noticed that the times that we blog are 3 hours difference (?)

  8. Just checked in again, both eagles have been there for several hours. everybody keep thinking good thoughts.

  9. Just checked in, eagle above nest on a short limb, didn't appear to be their very long. Storm tonight/tomorrow.

  10. 3/23/09
    8:09a.m. eastern
    Eagle sitting in the nest bowl.
    Watching from above is a nice vantage point. Thank You BRI

  11. 3/3/09 5:02a.m. Eastern
    Eagle nest two is being bombarded by snow and rain mix.
    Clear skys here in the east.
    Where, is the Eagel Cam #2 located.
    Does anyone know the answer?

  12. P.S. on Eagle Cam #2
    Several people have mentioned the 3 hour time difference.
    Could Eagle Cam #2 be located on the West coast, since it is snowing there now according to the weather maps.
    Time 5:06a.m. here in the East but 2:06a.m. in the West.
    Just foggy here in Maine right now.