Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two eagles visit...

Hi All,

It is wonderful to see the eagles using this nest for foraging not to mention the time they are starting to put in by adding sticks and adding to the nest structure. Lets hope this continues. Many folks are enjoying keeping up to date by visiting us at where many photos and even some videos are posted.

Wish you all the best and keep in touch.

Patrick Keenan
BioDiversity Research Institute


  1. Bottom image - can you fix the view? Very one sided on the tree. Kinda screwy. Thanks. 10/29 10:52 am est.

  2. An eagle is at the nest, on a branch, 1:17 pm est but can't tell who, adult or juvenile. View way to far out. 10/30

  3. At 6 this morning there was an adult out on the end of that dead limb that is visible from the bottom view.

  4. Adult at nest 7:06 am - please change the bottom view. Eagle on branch under clock. View to far out. Thank you!