Friday, March 19, 2010

Eagles are diligently incubating!

Hi All,
Just wanted to post a quick update. The eagles at this site have been incubating the egg and probably benefiting from what has been a week of beautiful weather in Maine. For the sake of the eagles I hope this nice weather persists.

Do not be worried if at times to see the eggs unattended for short periods of time, especially in this fine weather. This is normal. Also, you will likely see the eagles turning the eggs so that they are heated evenly and develop properly.

The incubation period generally lasts for 33-35 days at which time the first egg will hatch followed by the next eggs each day or so. Eagle eggs, like the eggs of some other raptors hatch asynchronously. This could be considered to be nature's way of mediating the survival of offspring so that in times of low food abundance at least the first chick to hatch will survive because it will out-compete its siblings for food.

Please be in touch with questions and comments of your observations.

All the best,
Patrick Keenan
BioDiversity Research Institute


  1. I have been watching both nests. Glad to see that Nest 2 has eggs. I'm hating this weather that these eagles have to deal with...I was really sad a few years back when the eaglets didn't survive the Patriot's Day storm. Hope all goes smoothly for this pair.

  2. Is the camera out? Can't seem to see a live stream or even a 15 second snapshot for days now. Frustrating.

  3. Does anyone at BRI monitor this website? I can't understand why you can't at least post a notice explaining the problem with the cam and an expected time for it to be fixed. You want support from viewers but don't make any effort to keep us updated.

  4. Also wondering why the camera isn't working. I'm not even seeing the 15 sec. updates for a few days now. Any updates?

  5. Is there a reason why the images are so hazy this season?

  6. 15 sec. updates back. Now we get to witness the adult eagles deal with this rain, wind, and cold. Ugg! Painful to watch.