Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eagle chick 'number one' has hatched!

Hello Everyone,

If you haven't hear the news then I am happy to report to you that the first eagle egg has hatched on BRI eaglecam2. It hatched sometime during the night. In the image above captured by JO in our online community (thanks JO), you can see the chick on its first day being fed by an adult.

As may be apparent eagle eggs hatch asynchronously usually two or three days apart. This strategy gives the older bird a head start and better chance of survival in years of food shortage.

Well, I am sure that everyone is looking forward to watching the season continue to unfold. Enjoy a wonderful day!

All the Best,
Patrick Keenan
BioDiversity Research Institute


  1. Thanks Patrick & all at BRI...Thanks also to JO who continually gets great captures & shares them with us. Go Team!
    J in S.P.ME

  2. 04/16 @ 10:29

    Congratulations everyone ... a successful hatch! Looking forward to the sibling arrival.

    Thanks to BRI for continuing to allow us to share in the lives of these marvelous birds. The more we observe and learn, the more we can appreciate our natural world. Hopefully, that appreciation leads to actions and contributions to help protect the survival of our environment and the creatures it sustains.

    Thanks, also, to the talented followers who share their info and pictures. Your time and efforts are both welcomed and greatly appreciated.

    JAM in IL

  3. The sibling arrived this afternoon about 3:35...Way to go!
    J in S.P.ME

  4. 2 chicks as of Sunday morning 4/18. Everyone up for breakfast around 10:30am

  5. YAY!! that is great news! Go Eagles!!

  6. 4-18 5:46 pm
    Dinner time! ! First time I have been able to watch Mom feed the chicks. Hard to believe something so small will be so majestic in such a short time! Looking forward to watching them grow up.
    Judy from Western Maine

  7. would be nice if the live web cam was working..but guess not this year.. so we will miss all the excitement, again....

  8. The chicks are getting big. I saw a glimpse of them this morning. Hopefully they will both survive.

    Come on all you guys about the streaming video. Yes it would be nice but.... I think it is great we have as much access to these birds as we do. Hey Pat, I really appreciate all you do to bring whatever it is to us internet viewers!

  9. hi this may sound stupid, but I cant find the cam to watch the baby and egg......................pls give me the link where to watch? ty