Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eaglets are growing fast: Warm weather!

Hi All,
I was very lucky to have to make a visit to our on site computer today. I got an early start and was pleased to arrive safely on an unseasonably warm day in late-May. When I approached I could hear the sounds of eagles at the nest amid a constant breeze. I recorded video while I dealt with a few computer issues. Checking in on the image now and then I glanced at the video feed I saw a chick wrestling with what looked like a six foot eel in the nest.

It is amazing to see how quickly these eaglets are growing. Now at 6-7 weeks they appear to loaf around the nest bowl. Occasionally they stretch and flap their wings. In only a few weeks they will begin to consider making the leap into flight.

Please join us on youtube for video highlights of my visit to the site (several videos)...the webcam still offers the best view of the nest!

Until Next Time,
Patrick Keenan
BioDiversity Research Institue


  1. Hi Patrick...watched the video a few times and it always leaves me wanting to see more live images from this nest. Thanks for sharing what you have. Did you say the eel was six feet long? And this is the same eel we saw in the video? Incredible!! The size of the chicks always surprises me when we can compare them to something we know. I would have never guessed that the eel was that!

    Thanks again.

  2. 06/12 @ 09:16

    Great videos ... thank you!

    Wonderful to be able to see "live" action from this nest. I especially love the wing exercises although the video with the eel certainly kept my attention.

    Cannot wait to see branching and hope you can show each fledge.

    JAM in IL

  3. 6/14 one baby is "up" on a branch a lot lately and the second one is starting to watch closely to get some ideas on how it's done. Two months old today!
    J. in S.P.ME