Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eagles 'branch' out and make first flight

Well, as you can see from this image, the eagles have left the nest! Following about a week of exploring nearby branches around the edge of the nest the eagles have taken their first flight. They will remain in the area of the nest during the weeks to come as they develop the ability to fly. The adults will also continue to feed them and they will likely frequent the nest for perching and feeding.

Unfortunately, we have lost the internet connection on site but we anticapate solving the problem in a few days. In the meantime, you might check in on our ospreycam where ospreys are growing fast and on our looncam where you can hear the sounds of Maine's wildlife live.

Also, because we recieve many questions about where eagles go after departing the nest I would like to direct you to our wildlife tracking page where we have outfitted several eagles with sattelite transmitters that document the movements of birds. This is an ongoing project and we anticipate having two more birds come online later this summer.

Until next time,
Patrick Keenan
BioDiversity Research Institute


  1. 9/1 Wow, not a single update for such a long time; of course the eaglets have most likely left long ago, but it sure would be nice for BRI to stop in say hello.
    Regarding the wildlife tracking page - it would be nice if you could do a quick tutorial in a video blog or something because the page is easy to access but impossible to use. Don't know how to seperate one birds track from another and the progression of the track is so fast that you don't see anything. It's a good idea, I just wish for a little follow thru.
    Thanks for the time we had, memorable as always.

  2. 10/8 Have been watching the eagles, both of them, spend a lot of morning time around the nest the last 3 days; they were even arranging sticks yesterday.
    Patrick do I remember correctly that these eagles leave for the winter? Thanks for the great work on all the nests this season, it seems like a never-ending & thankless job. Such a treat tho to see what we do - Thanks!!
    J. in S.P.ME